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Seneca 7 Relay Recap

A lot of people are familiar with relay running races, think Ragnar and Reach the Beach.  Last fall, we hatched crazy plan to complete a different relay, The Seneca 7.  This relay is 77.7 miles  completed by 7 different runners … Continue reading

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Hard Work Requires {Support}

I’ve said it before and I will surely say it again, but training for an Ironman is no joke.  140.6 is a lot of miles and undertaking that event is a big deal.  But the bigger deal is the training … Continue reading

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{2014 Planning} It’s Starting

Well, the 2013 racing season is over.  For triathlons any way.  And if you can believe it’, it’s time to start planning for 2014.  I have been kicking several different race ideas around in my head for the last few … Continue reading

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I {Love} The Weekends & My Bike

Oh geez, I really love the weekends, especially when the weather finally cooperates and I can get in a long bike ride! What a gorgeous day today was to spend outside.  With a long bike on my schedule, I had … Continue reading

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{Today} Is 100

Today is Thursday. Today is another rainy day…. Truthfully, today, I’m thinking of building an ark. Today is a swim-run brick.  It is a 2,000 yard open water swim (hahahaha) and a five-mile run. Today is another day in the … Continue reading

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The weather this spring/early summer has been unusually cold here in Upstate NY.  It recently warmed up and now we’re having a week of rain.  I know that lots of other people have bigger weather woes than I.  I do.  … Continue reading

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Climbing {Hills}

Today’s plan was a long ride of three hours and forty-five minutes.  In an attempt to train for the various races that lay ahead on mine and other’s calendars it seemed like a good idea to train on a “more … Continue reading

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