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Hard Work Requires {Support}

I’ve said it before and I will surely say it again, but training for an Ironman is no joke.  140.6 is a lot of miles and undertaking that event is a big deal.  But the bigger deal is the training … Continue reading

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{Today} Is 100

Today is Thursday. Today is another rainy day…. Truthfully, today, I’m thinking of building an ark. Today is a swim-run brick.  It is a 2,000 yard open water swim (hahahaha) and a five-mile run. Today is another day in the … Continue reading

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Just a {Simple} Thank You

So yep, I’m scared, I admitted it out loud and actually I feel better about it now that I have. I received some nice comments via facebook and a got a few comments on the actual blog from some people … Continue reading

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