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Do It For You

I can tell I’ve been running more lately.  No, not because running has gotten easier or anything like that.  Rather, I notice it because I notice how much more I’m thinking about things.  Running gives me that luxury.  The luxury … Continue reading

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{Friday} Caffeine Musings

It’s Friday.  My head is in a caffeine cloud so my thoughts are jumbled as I am not able to think in a straight line.  So rather than try to write you a coherent post, I’ll give you the musings … Continue reading

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{Race Report} – Palio Half Marathon

Finally getting around to writing my race report for the Palio Half Marathon that was on 9/18/11.  Sorry for the delay! I have been so off my blogging game here! Geez! Anyway…. The day began at 5:15 AM in order … Continue reading

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{Why?} Run

I have a race report in the works for the Palio Half Marathon that I ran on Sunday with A-sizzle.  Should be up in the next day or so.  But for now, my head is swimming in thought as I … Continue reading

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{Window Wednesday} Scenes from a run far away…….

I’m out of town at a conference for work.  Yesterday I had a little time to take a run.  Boy are the sights, sounds and smells different! Complete with cow manure.  It was a nice change!

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Refocusing, Laughing and Running!

Well, I’m part way through my very first week of marathon training and it is may be too early to say this, but so far so good.  For one thing, after juggling training for three sports, just working out a … Continue reading

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{Window Wednesday} Wetsuits, The Zip Up and Rain

It’s raining again! Maybe we should zip up our wetsuits and head out for a swim?!?! Anyway, I’m sharing the zip up pictures today.  Oh the fun of donning a wetsuit.  As so many people have said, “It’s like putting … Continue reading

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