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It’s A Recovery Week With A {Hefty} Half Marathon

Oh Monday, Monday.  I am so glad that Monday is here! Last week was crazy.  It involved a lot of workouts and the balancing of life schedules.  Today begins a recovery week.  In fact it begins with two, not one … Continue reading

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Just a {Simple} Thank You

So yep, I’m scared, I admitted it out loud and actually I feel better about it now that I have. I received some nice comments via facebook and a got a few comments on the actual blog from some people … Continue reading

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{IMLT} I’m Scared

To all of you who have been reading right along, I think I’ve hinted around it enough that you already know I’m scared of Ironman Lake Tahoe.  (My friends, who listen to me, know that I’m scarred.) I’m not afraid … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} A Flight & Warmer Weather

1 – Nothing’s final until the flight is booked right?  Well, that happened.   I guess the path to Ironman is official and it starts at Southwest Airlines.  One foot in front of the other, and I’m all in now. … Continue reading

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{Mental} Training

My T-Ball Star Saturday was a ca-razy day.  The day was supposed to start with a long training run.  It was also supposed to start with the opening day parade for C-man’s t-ball season.  So the only way to get … Continue reading

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Right {On} Time

The weather is finally coming around here in the Capital District.  I was able to ride in short sleeves and shorts on my bike in the sunshine last night before a “girls night” dinner.  I could tell you all about … Continue reading

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{Almost Wordless Wednesday} A Run & a Bike

Yesterday’s run was slow and contemplative and it was for Boston.  I stopped and broke down a little at 2.62 (at the same time that Who You Are by Pearl Jam came on my playlist) and I finished strong at … Continue reading

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