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Hairy Gorilla or Squirrelly Six?

Over the weekend, I had another chance to get outdoors in the form of a trail race.  Sunday morning was the Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon & Squirrelly Six Mile at Thatcher State Park.  First let me start by saying that … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} Hitting the Trail

1) The race calendar gets changed all around on a pretty regular basis.  Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to share it here.  Any way, After the Leaves 20K had a date change, thus I need to remove it from … Continue reading

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Those Who {Wander} Are Always Lost

This was a quote I heard on my six-mile trail run tonight with a couple of friends.  When I heard it I immediately thought about how much I prefer it this way.  I haven’t done a trail run in ages. … Continue reading

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Feeling {Meh}

Remind me that this will all be worth it.  In fact, don’t remind me, I know.  If When Mike Reilly says “Sarah Fisk, You are an IRONMAN” all of this will be worth it.  But today, right now, oh man… … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} Bear Mountain Half

1 – I survived that lil old “hefty” half marathon that I told you about.  I’ll have an actual race report in a few days, but I can tell you that it was more like going for a steep hike … Continue reading

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It’s A Recovery Week With A {Hefty} Half Marathon

Oh Monday, Monday.  I am so glad that Monday is here! Last week was crazy.  It involved a lot of workouts and the balancing of life schedules.  Today begins a recovery week.  In fact it begins with two, not one … Continue reading

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When A {Plan} Comes Together

When a plan comes together, good things happen… – I am two weeks successful in following most of my Ironman training plan that I’m covertly borrowing…. I’m sneaky… See! – I am finally starting to see pay back in my … Continue reading

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