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{Two Things Tuesday} The Final Countdown

Well…. It’s here.  Race day is just five short days away… So let’s do two quick notes in our final count down. 1) Find Family  – I am so very blessed with all of my triathlon family and my family family. … Continue reading

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Just a {Simple} Thank You

So yep, I’m scared, I admitted it out loud and actually I feel better about it now that I have. I received some nice comments via facebook and a got a few comments on the actual blog from some people … Continue reading

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{Do} Something…

In lieu of a normal Tuesday post…. Boston is heavy on my mind.  My heart is still broken.  Broken for all of those runners, those families, those spectators, those innocent people who did nothing more than go out and do … Continue reading

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{Window Wednesday} Spring

It’s the first day of spring, even though it doesn’t feel like it here where we’re covered in snow.  To me spring always seems so full of life and opportunity.  Go out and grab it peeps! Happy training.

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A New Day

I have had a tough couple of days mentally.  I have not wanted to go anywhere near my bike trainer.  I spent the day yesterday in bed with some sort of stomach grossness.  No one wants to do that again … Continue reading

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I thought about writing two things Tuesday.  I also wrote and deleted an entire post about the tragedy that occurred last Friday in Newtown, CT.  I thought maybe I had something to say, but at the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Permission & Validating

I had a very interesting conversation about triathlon, racing and training the other night.  And the conversation slowly morphed into a very paralleled conversation on life.  Just life.   The conversation began just loosely talking about why we need to … Continue reading

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