It’s A Recovery Week With A {Hefty} Half Marathon

Oh Monday, Monday.  I am so glad that Monday is here! Last week was crazy.  It involved a lot of workouts and the balancing of life schedules.  Today begins a recovery week.  In fact it begins with two, not one but two, rest days.  I can say that they are well-earned and I’m happy that they are here! So most of the week is pretty light, which is good as I have a lot going on.

532993_10200835070465621_987849589_nTaking a break from the shuffle for a day or two!

But, I won’t settle into those recovery days too much because, it would appear that I’m closing out the week with a challenging half marathon in Bear Mountain State Park.

You see, some time ago, a few of us girls prodded our good pal L to pick her birthday race for the year.  Does anyone else do this?  I know I have a habit of wanting to do a race for my birthday.  It’s even better if it falls on your birthday.  Who knows, but that seems to be what we sick endurance athletes like to do to celebrate turning older.  Any who… a few different races were kicked around (including a beautiful 50 miler).  In the end we settled on the Bear Mountain Half Marathon.  So, on Sunday there are four of us, slightly altered from the original pack that was planned due to an unforeseen injury, that will be high tailing it around this little race course….

I guess that’s something that isn’t normally found in a recovery week…

While challenging, I am hoping to do a couple of things:

1 – Have fun.  I mean, geez, if we aren’t having fun, why in the world pay to do this stuff.  This was the subject of Saturday’s long run as well.

2 – Treat it as a good training run.  Thus far my run training is going really well in this cycle.  I can run a half marathon distance without much prep or planning.  This of course is more challenging than a flat run, but if I take it easy and enjoy the day.  I should be ok.

3 – Not get hurt… I’m exciting about the whole trail running thing, but also realize that I need to do so cautiously.  No sprained ankles and what have you for me please?!

4 – Have fun! Fun, right, fun….. I’m going to keep coming back to fun!!!!!



Last year’s birthday fun for L including riding the Lake Placid Bike Course & a Sprint Triathlon

So, let’s recover up for the full week that lies ahead.  How about you?  What do you have planned for the coming week?

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