Who am I?

So maybe you’re curious about who I am?  And then again, maybe not…… but you’re about to find out.


First and foremost in my life, I am a mom.  I am a mom to the most handsome and awesome  little boy that I have ever met.  I am also the owner of a super sweet golden retriever and a crazy collie/terrier mutt, the family cook, a full-time employee at a children’s science museum, a one of those crazy breeds of people that are known as a triathlete.  In fact, the special brand of crazy, I am an Ironman.  I earned this honor in one of my favorite places in the world, at Ironman Lake Placid.  I juggle various different roles in life and truth be told, I love them all.  Each role has value and has taught me so much about who I was, who I am and who I will become.

I began running in the fall of 2009 as a way to find a little time in my day to do something that was only about me and before too long I was hooked.  It wasn’t easy, but each day  I ran a little bit more and walked a little bit less.  And then before I knew it I was adding miles to my runs in leaps and bounds.  A few years ago, I bought a bike, a wetsuit and a bunch of other gear and decided to give triathlons a tri! And as you can see, I haven’t looked back.

With each passing race I find out something new about myself and my passion for running, triathlon and just generally life is reignited.  I’m on a quest to live life to the fullest and this is my adventure.

On this adventure I have learned never to say never, to eliminate can’t from my vocabulary and that a strong and healthy Mom is the best gift you can give to your child.  Anyway! This is my story.  It’s about finding myself through running and triathlon.  Join me in this quest for self and get ready for some adventures!

We’re a family full of tri-crazies!


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