{Friday} Caffeine Musings

It’s Friday.  My head is in a caffeine cloud so my thoughts are jumbled as I am not able to think in a straight line.  So rather than try to write you a coherent post, I’ll give you the musings of a caffeine induced fog…………….

I miss swimming.  I know, I know.  I never thought that those words would come out of my mouth.  But as of today it has effectively been 20 days since I swam.  I have had such a hard time getting myself to the pool.  Again, I know, excuses.  I finally made it to the pool last night.  Upon emptying my gym bag to ready myself for a refreshing and relaxing swim, I realized that I neither had my goggles or my swim cap.  Thus, the swim was held off another day.  Today, I’m heading out-of-town on a camping trip with my family so the swim will have to wait.  But I do miss it and for right now, I am looking forward to getting back in the water.  Let’s see if I still feel that way next week.

No wetsuit needed where I’m heading for my next swim.

I’m putting a good deal of thought into next year’s race calendar.  Please remember that my thoughts are not linear so while I’m thinking about the race calendar, nothing is set, just randomly floating around out there.  As of right now for the big stuff, I’m thinking marathon, a 70.3 (maybe 2), and maybe, just maybe a fall marathon.  But that may just be crazy sauce….. two full marathons in one year?  I really need to check and see what is in the water that I’ve been drinking.  It’s clearly spiked with some sort of delusional grandeur.

Two? I don’t know…….

I know it’s only September and we’re just celebrating the first day of fall today, but I’m beginning to feel the close of another year upon us.  I don’t know what’s doing that.  Maybe it’s the fact that triathlon season is over? Or the fact that I’ll be relegated to the pool for my swims from now through the late spring.  Or that I’m already stressing out about fitting in long 20+ mile runs in early December.  I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like the snow is just about to fly! Blech.

And finally, I am so excited to spend the weekend with my family camping in the woods.  The weather is supposed to be gross, but I’m looking forward to playing cards, making smores and maybe taking my lady on a run……….

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