I {Love} The Weekends & My Bike

Oh geez, I really love the weekends, especially when the weather finally cooperates and I can get in a long bike ride! What a gorgeous day today was to spend outside.  With a long bike on my schedule, I had really hoped the weather would cooperate, so I rounded up a crew of peeps on facebook and we made a plan to ride from Saratoga up along the Great Sacandaga Lake and back.


Have Bikes … Need People

Can I have an aside?  Um, I must state how lucky I am that I can look at my training plan, see a long bike, put out a plea and pull together five people to bike with.  And did I mention that these incredible friends of mine are NOT training for a full distance Ironman, except for one.  I mean these people don’t bat an eye at riding for four hours and covering over 63 miles.  Lucky…… Thanks peeps.  You rock.

Anyway….. We met up at the Saratoga High School and Alex had a route all planned out for us.  For some reason, I had thought that it would be relatively flat.  Ha, almost 4,000 feet of climbing later we were done with a beautiful ride.  The weather seriously couldn’t have been better.


We made a few pit stops at country stores to fill up on water and gatorade.  Some people chose to refuel with potato salad, milky ways and salt & vinegar chips…… I do not count myself in those people, although by the time we finished I was starving so maybe I should have.  I’m currently really trying to practice eating what I’ll have access to on race day so over the course of the ride I ate a strawberry cliff shot, a package of honey stinger chews, a honey stinger waffle and then (my favorite new find) a mini go macro bar.  Not too bad as I was also drinking g2, but I may have been a little low on the calories considering it was a 4 hour ride.  But I never felt like I was bonking.  I do need to probably invest in some salt tabs though as I got a leg craps right at the end of the ride.

For as many group rides as we have done, we haven’t had a lot of flat tires.  Today we had one, which wasn’t bad considering we end up riding on a patch of unpaved road for over a mile.  Whoops.


Will & Olya (My only other Ironman in Training) examine the situation…

Again, all in all a great day was had.  I have fresh new sunburn lines to prove it and we finished the whole thing while wearing smiles on our face.  (And after climbing West Mountain Road, that’s a feat in and of itself.)  I truly love the weekends where I can do these kind of rides … oh and I love, love, love my bike…. Please make my legs, which are very aware at this moment of the climbing they did, aware of all of this love as well.

Thanks again to my peeps.  You really do rock! How did you all kick it today?  Anything fun?


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2 Responses to I {Love} The Weekends & My Bike

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  2. David says:

    I rode the annual London to Brighton ride with 28,500 other people so not quite as idyllic but still fun. The sting is in the tail with a 814 feet climb over 1 mile at around mile 48. Most walked but I am not so weak being a triathlete. I will not be beaten by gravity!

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