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Hard Work Requires {Support}

I’ve said it before and I will surely say it again, but training for an Ironman is no joke.  140.6 is a lot of miles and undertaking that event is a big deal.  But the bigger deal is the training … Continue reading

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Feeling {Meh}

Remind me that this will all be worth it.  In fact, don’t remind me, I know.  If When Mike Reilly says “Sarah Fisk, You are an IRONMAN” all of this will be worth it.  But today, right now, oh man… … Continue reading

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Now Entering {The Sleep Cycle}

It’s just how we roll… Since my weekend started I have managed the following… a 7 mile run, a doctor’s appointment, a basketball game, a 1.5 hour bike trainer ride, a 9 mile run, another basketball game, screaming children, lots … Continue reading

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