Hard Work Requires {Support}

I’ve said it before and I will surely say it again, but training for an Ironman is no joke.  140.6 is a lot of miles and undertaking that event is a big deal.  But the bigger deal is the training hours that are logged in order to get there.  Almost everyone I have talked to has said, the key is to make it through the training and get to the starting line injury free.  The training is intense and a fair amount of hours are spent sitting on a bike trainer, running around in circles, swimming back and forth in a lap lane, etc.


Mean Alarm Clocks….

I am currently learning this first hand as this year I am sticking to my training plan, as best I can, and that currently has me logging between 14-18 hours per week of training time.  A great deal of this time is done in the weeee hours of the morning while everyone else is sleeping soundly in their beds.  I miss sleep… I’m not gonna lie.  However, as much as I miss sleep, I am seeing progress and enjoying much of the training.  I am also remembering how awesome it is to be surrounded by all of these amazing people in my life many of whom are triathletes themselves.


Fingers crossed for a lil finish line magic!

Last night I posted on my facebook page about how tired I was putting in all of these hours of training as a comment to why I was drinking coffee at 7:00 at night.  I awoke this morning at 4:00 AM after not having slept for much more than 5 hours total.  I desperately wanted to climb back in to bed and figure out in my head when else I would be able to get my two-hour ride in at another more “normal” hour.  

In shutting off my alarm, I realized that I had the following alerts on my phone for my facebook feed:

  • Keep going Sarah….the time will pay off you know that.
  • #getit
  • Go strong!!!!!! Ironman lake placid is calling your name!


A few of many tri friends

You guys rock! Thank you for providing me a little added incentive to get my butt out of bed this morning.  Thank you for always cheering me on and motivating me to go a little bit farther or a little bit harder.  I am telling you, triathletes are the most awesome group of people.  They are so supportive of one another regardless of abilities.  So, while I need to keep my nose to the grind stone and hammer out all of these long training sessions, I wanted to make sure to take a minute to acknowledge how awesome my peeps are and to say out loud that I couldn’t do any of this without the support that I have behind me.

Happy Thursday Friends! What’s on your training plan today?

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