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Thursday Make Up {Two Things!}

I missed two things Tuesday.  It just totally got away from me.  So I’m making it up now…. on Thursday.  Deal.  Thing One is simple and glorious – I’m running again.  I’ve only logged a few miles thus far and … Continue reading

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Finding my {Mojo}

Yesterday I alluded to the fact that my mojo has sort of gone missing since being temporarily sidelined from running. Truth be told it has. Big time.  And I guess I’m wondering why. It doesn’t make a ton of sense … Continue reading

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{injury confirmed}

Well, it’s true, it’s true indeed.  Yesterday I went to the doctors to have my foot checked out due to the pain that I had been experiencing.  I made the appointment last week so between now and then I’ve done … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} And so it goes…..

1 – I officially have a doctors appointment to get this bum foot checked out.  On Friday it was pretty sore and I didn’t run or do anything for that matter.  This has me pretty concerned.  I’m hopeful that it’s … Continue reading

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Is it an injury?

I’ve been quiet.  I know.  I don’t think that I mentioned that my left foot has been hurting since the Disney Marathon.  It has.  I’ve been in denial that I need to get it looked at.  I’ve been just hoping … Continue reading

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Thursday Ramblings…………

It’s Thursday, can I ramble?  I can ramble.  Today is my fourth day with no run.  I honestly can say (write) right now that I cannot remember the last time that I took four consecutive days off from running.  Strange.  … Continue reading

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When 5 turns into 6

Happy Thursday peeps.  I had a fantastic run this morning.  Truth be told it would have been more fantastic if it hadn’t been sleeting out and I had been able to actually run outdoors.  But I digress. For the past … Continue reading

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