Thursday Make Up {Two Things!}

I missed two things Tuesday.  It just totally got away from me.  So I’m making it up now…. on Thursday.  Deal. 

Thing One is simple and glorious – I’m running again.  I’ve only logged a few miles thus far and I’ll be honest and tell you that they were relatively painful.  Not painful as in my foot hurt, but painful in that I’ve lost some of my running fitness.  I knew it would happen, but maybe I was in denial and thought that if I could mentally get through the injury that I could control the physical end.   Ehhhhhhhh (buzzer sound), wrong.  I’m not far off my game, but I’m off my game.  And of course I have to scale way back on my mileage and rebuild my way up.  But I’m back and that’s glorious.  I am beyond excited. 

Thing Two – It’s time.  Thing two is quite simply that it’s time.  It’s time to actually register for my first Half Ironman and then hop to training.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  As of this weekend I will officially be 20 weeks out.  I guess you could say that this coincides beautifully with being back and able to run.  Now it’s time to get a plan in place and start getting serious about swimming, biking and running.  And I cannot wait to be doing this again!

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1 Response to Thursday Make Up {Two Things!}

  1. Erica says:

    Can not wait to be at that finish line cheering you in after your first half ironman!!!!!!!! wooohooo

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