A {Hiatus} of Sorts!

What the heck happens when you’re on a hiatus for this long? What does happen? I wish I could tell you in a really succinct way why I’ve been absent for this long. I always think about the blog and want to write, but I just haven’t been making it a priority.

My priorities have been more basic!

My priorities over the last several months have included spending time with the kids, training, being all over the place and just plain being unorganized in my life and in my head. I have been all over the place.

Additionally, I am a true introvert. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like people. Although truthfully, there are a great deal of people who I don’t like. But what it does mean is that I enjoy being by myself sometimes. And sometimes, I really need that time by myself to refill my own cup and be ready to go out and face the world. It wasn’t until both my boyfriend and one of my best friends asked why I don’t ever blog any more that I realized that this had happened here as well. They indicated that they missed hearing my voice.  And while I missed the point of interaction, I didn’t yet miss my own voice either.

My voice has been stuck in kiddo mode and it’s been fun!

 Until today. Today I started thinking about why I don’t make time to sit down with my own thoughts and I started thinking about how much I miss sharing my pictures and some of my amazing journeys right here for all of you to see and for me to reference far into the future.


Look at what has been missing! I jumped off a boat for crying out loud!

So, with that I’m setting an intention to be back and be here as much as possible. I’ve got a bunch of  new challenges and goals on the horizon and if nothing else I love to share my pictures.  #Onward!

So, we’re back.  We’re ready to party and we’ve signed up for another Ironman.  Game time? Let’s go!

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