When A {Plan} Comes Together

When a plan comes together, good things happen…

– I am two weeks successful in following most of my Ironman training plan that I’m covertly borrowing….
ready to ride

I’m sneaky… See!

– I am finally starting to see pay back in my run times getting faster-ish…

photo(6)An easy lunch run

– I have a fun trail race/run on the schedule for the weekend.  Should be a good way to wrap up a 12 mile long run.  Yes, I’m running the other 9 miles before the race! And the sun will shine and the birds will chirp!

– The weather is beginning to cooperate so that there will be less biking on the trainer and more bike riding out doors! Including a long ride this Sunday with about a dozen other people.  Yeah, I know there’s a chance of showers.  I don’t care.  I haven’t seen the battlefield in almost a year and  I’m doing it!


Zoom, Zoom

So the moral of the story is that when a good plan comes together, I feel like I’m on top of the world.  Now please ask me if I feel that way after running 6 miles today and swimming 2800 yards tonight, running 12 miles tomorrow, and doing a 3 hour bike on Sunday.  I do not know if the report will be quite the same, but if I can keep a positive outlook and take each one of these days individually, I’m hopeful that the report will be that I survived.

Each day I’m getting stronger and the plan is going to come together.  Of that I am certain.

So alas, Happy Friday! How are your plans coming together?

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