Training with {Friends}

Right now I am 23 weeks out from the big day, Ironman Lake Tahoe.  Right now 23 weeks seems like a long time.  But in my path are a multitude of other events.  April is my last “quiet-ish” month.  (I love adding ish to just about anything.  It’s the perfect modifier.)  The emphasis right now is on base building.  This means a fair amount of training though, let’s not be fooled.  I missed a workout and shortened two this past week and I still put in a solid 10 hour week.

So, after a very busy weekend filled with training, I am going to reiterate that there is no possible way that I would be able to get all of this training done and enjoy it as much as I do with out my friends, whom I should note I also consider my family.  Let’s just do a quick run down of the weekend, shall we?

Friday night kicked off with finishing up our 6 miles of running for the day on the hilliest road I’ve ever seen in my life.  Ok, maybe not ever, but geez.  We then hopped into the pool for a quick (haha) 2,000 yrd swim.  It was supposed to be 2800 yards, but I whined about being hungry and stomachs won out, plus it was already like 7:30 PM.  Upon leaving the pool area, another tri pal flagged us down.  Since we were all swimming in my neck of the woods, after a quick trip to the grocery store, dinner ensued at my house amongst training friends.

Saturday morning was met with a 6:30 wake up call.  Despite the chilly temperatures and crazy wind, we completed an 8 mile run at the Corning Preserve section of the bike path.  Again amongst friends.  I probably would have bagged it if I weren’t meeting people and if they wouldn’t have looked at me funny when I turned around after one mile.  But, because there were others,  I kept going.  Peer pressure… oh and a training plan.  The eight miler was long run part 1 of 2.  Upon completion, we packed up, changed clothes and headed down to Schodack Island State Park for Dodge the Deer 5k, a local trail race.  Again with the crazyyyyyy wind, but it was great to see people and get some sweet throw away flip-flops for the pool.  So this was run part 2 of 2, making the day’s long run 11.1 miles in total.  The race follows with a fantastic cookout put together by the Albany Running Exchange.  Yum.


And to round the day out, a handful of us met out for some rock climbing, which I like to think of as cross training.  After that we had more fun while participating in social training and watching basketball at a local pizza place.

photo(7)Fortunately this was not me…. Yikes!

And finally, we come to Sunday.  The hope had been that Sunday would be a great story about a three-hour ride outdoors at the Saratoga Battlefield.  Well, for anyone local, I’m sure you can imagine how this story goes.  Oh the wind….. The wind deterred all of us, about 12 people in all, from even trying to head outdoors for the ride.  It is possible that it wouldn’t have been that bad, but the Battlefield tends to be a windy place, and I personally didn’t feel that it was worth having a miserable experience or crashing my bike to make it outdoors.  So, after a cancellation email, etc was placed.  A few texts were sent and a group trainer ride was established instead.  I only made it two of the three hours as planned, but it is what it is.  I am just not ready to wrap my mind around a three-hour trainer ride, nor is my training there yet.  Anyway, we watched (sort of) the Hobbit and spun our little hearts out.  We concluded with some chatter around the house, and some fun and shenanigans.

Riding to nowhere…

Each of these workouts was with friends this weekend.  This doesn’t always happen, but it makes me happy when it does.  There’s something to be said for people who are crazy enough to be on this journey or a similar one with you.  The friendships that are formed are priceless.  I’ve heard so many times, that a race of this magnitude isn’t really about the race itself, but rather the memories that are made on the journey.  Well, I’d have to agree.  My friends aka family are priceless.

Training Day Shenanigans… Thanks for the laughs A.

The moral of the story here is that you guys are incredible.  You make me laugh when I don’t want to.  You make me swim when I’d rather drown.  You encourage me when I’m not sure the encouragement is always earned.  So thanks.  Thanks for another fun weekend, thanks for being crazy like me and thanks for keeping me laughing.  (I mean seriously, that’s the best training picture ever A.)

How was your weekend?  What kind of a trainer are you?  Do you train alone or with friends?

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