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{Two Things Tuesday} Food & Weather

1) I have newly become obsessed with avocados. I mean, I’ve been in love with guacamole for some time, but just recently I’ve started to find more things that I can put avocados on and in because I just love … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Weather “Boss”

Pardon me while I vent… Dear Weather “Boss”~ I currently am not a fan of whatever strange directions you are taking the weather this season. For the record we are supposed to be in Spring.  I understand that said spring … Continue reading

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{Things} That Make Me Smile

Today, I’m just feeling good about life on lots of different levels.  I think that some of it is due in part to a great conversation that I had with a new runner last night.  We talked about why we … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday}

1 – Tonight I took my first Hot Vinyasa Yoga class.  Interesting.  I’m still not all that impressed with yoga classes that are held at local gyms, ymca’s and the like.  I prefer those at the yoga or Pilates studio. … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday}

In an attempt to blog more regularly, I’m adding some theme days…. including today, Two Things Tuesday.  So let’s get to it. 1) I am so excited about The Running of the Green this weekend.  It’s a four mile road … Continue reading

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