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{My Lake} I’m In Love

Have you ever had a place that is…. well, it’s just your place?  A special place where you go to walk or run or just be.  And when you’re there you feel at peace?  I haven’t had a lot of … Continue reading

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H-O-T in the Kitchen

Ok, so none of you get that reference…. H.O.T. in the kitchen.  A very long time ago, in a previous life I worked at a fantastic little resort in nowhere Minnesota for a summer.  I was one of the staff … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} Post Mother’s Day Edition and Pre-bike

1 – Bike day, bike day, it’s get my bike day! My fitting is this afternoon and then I’ll have my bike in my possession.  Time to get cracking on a name.   I do really think that I’m going to … Continue reading

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And then there was a bike!

I ordered a bike! Woot woot! Ok, so no triathlons are currently on the schedule.  Let’s start this post with clearing that up.  I will not, however, say that there won’t be one on the schedule in the near future.  … Continue reading

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Running on “The Road”

Note – This was a post I started last month while I was away in California.  I am finally getting around to finishing it!  Oooops!!  I’ve said it before and I will indeed say it again….. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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