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So Far Off My Game

Yup, that’s me, so far off my game.  As I indicated in my last post, I’ve recently increased the number of hours per week that I’m training.  Because of this increase it seems that in my spare time, I sleep.  … Continue reading

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The Countdown to Vermont City Has Begun

Not sure if I’m mentioned this here, but I am once again preparing to run a half marathon.  A-sizzle and I are doing the Vermont City Marathon Relay in Burlington, VT on 5/29.  (Meanwhile her super speedy hubby will be … Continue reading

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Running on “The Road”

Note – This was a post I started last month while I was away in California.  I am finally getting around to finishing it!  Oooops!!  I’ve said it before and I will indeed say it again….. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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