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{Marathon Training} 20 miler

Yesterday was it.  The 20 mile training run was on the schedule and needed to be completed.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I get very tired of running in the exact same places all of the time.  Especially … Continue reading

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{Marathon} I remember this……

Here we go again.  I’m not even in taper yet, and I’m already starting to go a little crazy.  Thus far my longest run has been 18 miles.  20 is on tap for this weekend.  On the way home last … Continue reading

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Thursday Ramblings…………

It’s Thursday, can I ramble?  I can ramble.  Today is my fourth day with no run.  I honestly can say (write) right now that I cannot remember the last time that I took four consecutive days off from running.  Strange.  … Continue reading

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Birthday, birthday, birthday

Yup, it’s my birthday.  Another year older and another year wiser…. isn’t that what they say any way?  Who knows whether it’s true or not.  What I do know is that this past year has been truly incredible.  My life … Continue reading

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Tough Day Running Alone

So, I know that earlier this week I bragged about how easy it is to run here in Rhode Island due to the great scenery, etc., etc.  Well I take it back now.  Having logged about 20 miles since Monday, … Continue reading

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Brand New Adventure…… Brand New Dream!

So this is a brand new adventure and a brand new “dream.”  I started running almost 1 year ago.  I started basically because I needed to get in shape.  I had a toddler who was  one and half years old … Continue reading

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