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{Not} Faking It

When you’re training for a race that is 140.6 miles, you have a lot of time to think.  Time to think while you’re swimming, time to think while you’re biking on the trainer or the open road and time to … Continue reading

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My Blog, Some Inspiration & Updates

“We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start” – Anonymous I am far, far, far from my finish line, but I’m starting to feel like I’m accomplishing something.  I started this blog in 2010 because I … Continue reading

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What Drives You?

What drives you… This is a question that I’m sitting here thinking about as I drink my Sunday morning coffee.  What drives you… What drives me… What makes you want to get out there and do the things that you … Continue reading

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A Treadmill & A Goal

It has been absolutely freezing in upstate NY these last few days.  Because of these ridiculous temperatures I bundled myself up and drove my car directly to the gym last night with another one of my running peeps.  We tried … Continue reading

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Did You See? Were You Inspired?

Did any of you watch NBC Kona World Championship special on Saturday?  I’m sure that some of you did.  C-man and I watched it indeed.  I didn’t pay full attention as I was doing numerous other things, but I watched … Continue reading

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Rainy Friday Inspiration

It’s a rainy day … again.  I was lacking any real motivation this morning.  I was hopping around the blog-o-sphere while I drank my coffee and I happened across a video that was a compilation video of the final hour … Continue reading

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