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Starting Over

The last couple of weeks, I have felt a bit like I’m starting over.  Not so much in a fitness perspective.  I haven’t lost any of my base training or anything like that, but instead I’m trying to rethink and … Continue reading

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People often talk about the journey that it takes in order to train for an complete and Ironman. It’s all of the hours spent training in whatever conditions nature gives you. All of the miles covered. All of the bumps … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} Cycling Safely & Reignited

1 – Obviously training for a long distance triathlon requires a good deal of time spent biking since it’s the longest leg of the race.  One hundred and twelve miles to be exact.  For me, spending more time on the … Continue reading

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Feeling {Meh}

Remind me that this will all be worth it.  In fact, don’t remind me, I know.  If When Mike Reilly says “Sarah Fisk, You are an IRONMAN” all of this will be worth it.  But today, right now, oh man… … Continue reading

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I {Love} The Weekends & My Bike

Oh geez, I really love the weekends, especially when the weather finally cooperates and I can get in a long bike ride! What a gorgeous day today was to spend outside.  With a long bike on my schedule, I had … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} Long Rides & OWS Season!

1) I’m currently in the midst of planning every long ride possible.  After not being able to complete the Tour de Cure due to weather, I’m really on a kick for the long ride.  For one, I didn’t get to … Continue reading

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Learning to Love the {Bike}

If you had asked me two years ago how I felt about riding my bike, I probably would have rolled my eyes and told you that it was ok.  Now fast forward and throw in a lot of early mornings … Continue reading

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