I’m So Far Behind & What’s Next!

Yep, that’s me.  I’ve had a blah two weeks and thus I’m so far behind in updating you on training etc.  Rest assured that I’ve been getting it in… for the most part.  So a quick update!

Weeks 5 & 6: 

The good – 

  • I started a new swim “class” with Excel Aquatics.  Since I’ve been doing triathlons I have never spent much time improving my swim.  I’ve gone to masters but they don’t work much on form, but rather just give you a workout to complete.  So this class is all about improving form, proper technique etc.  I’m two weeks in and thus far loving it.  Fingers crossed that it pays off!
  • Despite a busy work schedule I’ve been getting most of the workouts in.  Things have been nuts but minus a small workout here or there, I’m still getting it in.  It’s a balancing act at times, but I’m managing.
  • I have my first “race” of the season this weekend.  Well, it’s a relay so not really a race.  Myself and six of my crazy friends are participating in the Seneca 7 relay this weekend. We are a bike team so while our runner is out running, the rest of us will be biking for exchange point to exchange point.  This will make for 77 miles of switching between biking and running.  My fingers are crossed that the weather forecast remains good otherwise it could be a very long day!
  • I also enjoyed a beautiful hike on a blustery day with one of my greatest friends.  We covered something like 6.5 miles at Mohonk Preserve.  I love it there and I loved having the chance to talk and catch up.


A beautiful ray of sunshine at Mohonk.

The Not So Great – 

  • Work has been crazy.  The kids were all on vacation from school last week and that was followed up by a conference out-of-town.  I’ve struggled a bit and a few workouts have been dropped.  This is ok, but I struggle with it because I was doing so well hitting every thing.  I just keep reminding myself that it’s OK as long as it’s not a habit.
  • I’ve been having wonky things going on with my sneakers.  I bought a new pair and I think they’re a 1/2 size too big.  So, my feet feel really weird.  Because of this I dug out an older pair that hadn’t quite outlived their life, but I have to figure out which shoes are going to really work for me.  The never-ending shoe shuffle makes me crazy.
  • I still haven’t found (made) the time to get to yoga.  I haven’t mentioned it here but I really miss going to yoga.  I haven’t been in ages.  I’m hoping to find a time once a week to get there.  I just have to make it a priority and thus far I haven’t done it.  Hopefully next week.
  • I still haven’t gotten my bike outside.  My schedule has been too nuts and/or the weather has been uncooperative.  It seems that spring is here to stay and since I have that little relay this weekend, this will be changed for sure!


A hotel bike ride… must get outside!

So overall things are on track.  I’ve had a few little bumps and I clearly need to get some new sneakers but otherwise things are going well.

Week 5:

Swimming: 3500 yrds

Biking: 51.5 miles

Running: 14 miles

Week 6:

Swimming: 7525 yrds

Biking: 87 miles

Running: 9 miles

When you look at the numbers you can sort of figured out what I missed each week.  As someone in my house reminds me, it’s in the past.  Move on from it.  So, I’m moving on … into this week.  Onward! Right into Seneca 7.  What are you up to this weekend?

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