Week 4 {Tinman Training}

I’m a day or two late on this one.  As I had mentioned last week, week four was a recovery week.  After three solid weeks of training, I was ready for a little bit of a step back and the chance for a catch up on all things life.


I’ve been pretty happy to work hard, but I was definitely ready for a little mental recharge. I think that this is something that I have underestimated in the past.  Previously I’ve had recovery weeks, but with less structure and guidelines.  This time, the parameters were clearly defined and even when I was training, I wasn’t allowed to push hard.  So, here is the week in review!

The good –

  • Recovery week means extra sleep! Always yeah for extra sleep.  Anyone who knows me knows this.
  • I’m continuing to not only get to the pool but to also see gains.  They’re not huge gains, but in my book a gain is a gain, especially when you consider that I seldom ever see them as it relates to swimming.
  • I got meds for my skin issues.  I finally broke down last week and went the doctors for my pool induced itchiness.  Of course they had no clue what the cause was but with some steroids and some additional allergy meds I can report that it’s all cleared up.
  • As much restraint as it took, I didn’t over do any of the workouts.  I completed them as written by the coach.
  • I even had the pleasure of doing a run with no time requirements, no pace or zone timers and just a distance goal.  A luxury I hadn’t really seen in almost four full weeks.

The not so great –

  • I felt a little lazy all week with the decreased training load.  I recognize I wasn’t being lazy, just felt that way.
  • I was so excited to do a 6 mile run with no parameters that I ran outside even though it was forecasted to rain and be cold.  It rained most of the way and it was cold.  I was pretty miserable by the time I finished that run, which was a bummer because I had really been looking forward to it.
  • And on that super special rainy run my left foot started to hurt.  Again, fortunately for the recovery week I’ve been able to keep the mileage super low and it definitely hasn’t gotten any worse and after running a bit yesterday I can report that it’s feeling better, but really?  I mean.  Come on.  No need for hurt.

Looking forward… So this week we are back at it with the recovery week being completed.  The volume is a little less than it was before I headed into recovery week, but the intensity is up.  In fact I got an email from my coach just last night telling me to “have fun the next three weeks.  Bwahahahaha!”  Not gonna lie, this makes me a little bit nervous, but I’m hoping that I am up for the challenge.  So here we go.

Week 4 Totals:

Swimming: 3800 yrds

  • I did miss one swim due to some life stuff happening.

Biking: 31.9 miles

Running: 9 miles

Whoa…. So how’s that for some decreased volume?!

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2 Responses to Week 4 {Tinman Training}

  1. Sleeping in is my favorite part about rest day.

    I’m interested in your pool-induced itchiness. I’ve had itching problems all over my arms and legs and can’t figure out the culprit. I know my pool is mostly saline, a little chlorine. Every so often I have to get a steroid cream to clear up all of the skin irritation I have. Maybe I have the same problem you do?

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