The Man, The Myth, The Legend {My Coach}

I’ve talked a bit in the last few weeks about having a new coach.

I do! I do have a new coach.

This year I really wanted to push myself a bit harder in training than I had before.  I feel like previously I’ve always been training to finish and this year I am hoping to force myself out of that comfort zone and see if I can push the bar a little higher.  The important thing to note here is that I’m not competing with anyone but myself.  I don’t need to finish in a certain percentage or anything of that sort. What I need is to push and to see that push pay off for me.  It’s a sense of accomplishment and a firm belief in myself and my abilities that I’m seeking.


I want a finish line like this one, but better!

This year is the perfect opportunity for me to take this different approach to training because I’m not training for a full distance Ironman and I feel like I can really focus my workouts rather than being overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.  So that’s a quick glimpse into my thinking.

As I was thinking all of this, I decided to email a friend of mine.  I knew that he did some coaching and was, from what I had seen, really good at not only pushing his athletes but at also being a real person and recognizing that I do have a life that involves kids and a family as well as work commitments.  He seemed to be able to manage that pretty nicely for some of his other athletes so I figured it was at least worth a conversation with him.  After a few email exchanges we got together and reviewed where I was in my triathlon journey and where it is that I’m hoping to go.  And like that a deal was struck.

After three weeks of having Jeff as my coach I can report that thus far things are going really well.  We’re communicating nicely about workouts.  He only thinks I’m a little crazy with my texts each week as I finish my last workout of the week.  (BTW, who doesn’t want to receive obnoxious texts with hashtags about winning every Sunday afternoon! LOL)

In fact last week when I wrote about self-doubt still creeping in, he commented on my blog with this:

“The moment you choose to listen to your doubt it wins. Believe in yourself and what you’re capable of and you’ll find you’re capable of so much more than you ever dreamed of.

I was spinning after work and I wanted to quit so bad on my 5th interval but I knew you were working hard too. You impact and inspire people even when you don’t know it.

Believe in yourself, doubt kills. Keep going Sarah.”

 Good words Coach.  Good words.


I mean, does he know how to party or what?! Doesn’t everyone do an IM like this?

And it helps that Jeff is a pretty inspirational athlete himself.  You can read more about the athlete he is here.  It’s a great story.  Jeff has since raced in some pretty cool races including Worlds last year in China.  And every time I struggle in a workout I remember a conversation that we had in our “athlete in-take” meeting.  We talked about not quitting.  I had written about it on the coaching form.  Of course if you read Jeff’s story that’s just how it goes with him.  And in that meeting I promised that I wouldn’t quit and I would always work my hardest.  So yeah, so far so good!

How about you?  Do you use a coach?  What’s your relationship like?

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