{Product Review} CurrexSole

This post is long over due!

I almost never do product reviews because they’re seldom sent my way.  However, last year when I was training for Ironman I was contacted by someone from CurrexSole inquiring as to whether I’d be interested in trying out a pair of their insoles.  After a little bit of talking back and forth, we determined that it would be best if I tried the BIKEPRO insoles.  I chose to go with the BIKEPRO because I have relatively high arches and I often was feeling like my feet were unsupported in my bike shoes.  Within days they had arrived in my mailbox and I immediately put them in my bike shoes.


I immediately felt the arch support that I hadn’t had before in my bike shoes.  They fit comfortably and while I did feel the support at first, it quickly just felt like “normal” and there was zero discomfort etc in my shoes.  I knew almost immediately that these babies were staying in my shoes for good.  I have trained with them since.  According to the person that I worked with these insoles are still relatively new in the US.  They are a bit of a different perspective on insoles, one that moves with your feet vs forcing them not to pronate, etc. They’s inline with all of the current shoe technology amongst major brands.  They are a far cry from that old theory that insoles are stiff and unmoving.  I highly enjoy my insoles and would recommend them.  Heck I’ve been using them for almost a year!

You can check out the website by going to http://www.currexsole.com/US/en/.  If you check them out tell me what you think!

*The opinion expressed are my own.  I was given a pair of Currexsole BIKEPRO insoles for this review.

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