Week 2 {Tinman Training}

And BAM just like that week two is in the books.  I promise that in the near future I will get my whole life organized so I can be here with more than just a weekly update.  Things are just a little hectic, crazy right now.  The training seems to be my normal.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Ok, so let’s get to it.

The ups …

  • Oh my god my long run was so much better than last week.  If that were the only up that I had to report this week, that would be enough for me.  This week I ran 11 miles, 9 of which were intervals.  It was a crazy blustery day, but I did it and I felt strong the entire way.  Winning, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.
  • I am still at the pool regularly.  And while I’m not breaking any speed barriers, I am feeling more comfortable and confident in the water.  It’s progress not perfection.
  • My coach is pretty awesome.  We swapped pictures of who was sweating the most during bike workouts this week.  I mean, hello, total dorks.  At the end of the exchange all we established is that he needs a tan.  😉 No but in all seriousness, I’m getting a lot of great feedback and I hope that by discussing what’s going on we’re building a really great base for this training cycle.
  • And I got in one last cross-training session of cross-country skiing! Boom!

The downs …

  • My Garmin.  Oh my word my garmin.  I finally got my replacement in the mail.  Did a workout.  Garmin Connect logged it as having been done in 2009.  Fist bumps to my past self.  ARGH! Then I got that straightened out and for some reason that is still unbeknownst to me, it will not download my 11 mile run.  It’s sitting there being held hostage on my garmin.  So I had to manually enter all of the paces & heart rates for my intervals for my coach to see how it went.  And I do believe he said he was going to make a graph for visual.  I mean really?  Is this really happening Garmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I’m still doubting myself.  I know that I can complete the workouts as written, but before heading into them, I find myself questioning whether I can.  (I’m currently looking at my 12 miler scheduled for this week …wondering can I do this.) Self doubt is the worst and I need to push it out.  Working on it.
  • The only other real down I had was just that my work schedule was a little wonky this week so I had to move things around in order to get it all in.


Goodies from my awesome teammates help make things better too!

So I think that if I can carry this momentum through this third week coming up that I will be all good with a recovery week on the other end.  I can easily say I’m looking forward to that.  How’s your training going?

Week 2 Totals:

Swimming: 5500 yrds

Biking: 77 miles

Running: 17 miles

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