Week 1 {Tinman Training}

I’m officially done with week one of training for Tinman 70.3.

I am officially embracing this rest day.  This past week has absolutely been the right way to step things off.  It wasn’t all ups, there were a few downs but overall there was plenty of forward momentum.

Here are the ups…

  • I went to the pool three times.  For me, this is a minor miracle.  I generally avoid this.  However, not only did I go, but after my third swim on Sunday I almost admitted that I didn’t hate swimming.
  • It was a week with two bricks.  I haven’t done more than 10-15 minutes off the bike since last fall.  With a 1:30/5 brick and a 1:30/3 brick in the bank, I’m a happy girl.
  • My coach, J, pushed me but listened when I needed him to listen.  He did not make me feel like a loser in week one.  For that I thank him.
  • A training peaks account with a lot of green lighting up the board.  This is not always my norm.  I plan to make it such.
  • And lastly, what it was is a big confidence boost that this training cycle could have some really great things in store.

There were a few hiccups…

  • Only some days did I get my butt out of bed early in the morning.  When I don’t get up early, it leads to a lot of evening workouts and I tend to not get anything else done.  These things include, laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.
  • I struggled a bit with my heart rate on the run for my long run.  I’m not sure if this is still a left over side affect from the bronchitis plague a few weeks ago that is still inhabiting my lungs or if it was mostly in my head.
  • I was tired! Holy cow, I forgot how tired.  But I’m making adjustments to accommodate this and remember where and when to get my rest.  TV off by 9:30!!!

This training cycle I’m really trying to focus and put in the work.  Because I’m not training for a full distance Ironman, I really want to give this my all.  And I have to say that with all of these ups and just a few minor hiccups, it sure feels like I did this week.

At the end of all of my workouts this week, I sent a text to Coach J…. and it went like this.

Me: Week one is done.

J: And?

Me: And I’m alive still.  #winning

J: Ha! Excellent.

Me: It’s just one day at a time.  Thanks for the push.

J: Absolutely.

And that about sums up my week.

Week 1 Totals:

Swimming: 5850 yrds

Biking: 57.7 miles

Running: 19.5 miles

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2 Responses to Week 1 {Tinman Training}

  1. Jessie says:

    Awesome! I am envious of your motivation to get to the pool. That is going to be my weakness. I love to swim, but finding the time (and energy) to get there is tough.

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