{Two Things Tuesday} The Off-Season!

1) The Off-Season –  I am thankful that it is the off-season and I have been off a training plan since … well, truthfully since I crossed the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid.  Sure, I have done a few races since then and I have done a great deal of training, but none of it has been because I have to.  I realized this today as I was reading someone else’s post on Facebook that was feeling frustrated because they “had” to get their prescribed workout in today.  I am so thankful for having been out of that mentality for the last couple of months.  It has truthfully given me just the break and reprieve that I’ve needed. It has allowed me the opportunity to do things like sleep in later, enjoy a second cup of coffee and run a bit more freely.  I know that giving yourself the freedom to give up the plan and to just wing it is really important in between seasons.  If I followed the plan year round I would probably just throw in the towel and call it a day.  I mean, who wants to be a slave to their training peaks account all of the time.  Certainly, I don’t.  All of that being said, I did recently purchase an off-season plan and in just a few more weeks I will look to that for some structure to my workouts to try to gain as much as I can fitness and strength wise during the winter season.  It’s a much looser plan and the time commitment is much smaller than something that would be done during the actual training season.  I’m looking forward to it, but for the next few weeks I’m going to continue to enjoy the break and I will definitely indulge in that additional cup of coffee!


2) Cross-Training – Along those same lines, the off-season always allows me the opportunity to do all sorts of good and fun cross-training.  I’ve kicked that off with a bunch of hiking.  Upstate NY is so fantastic for hiking during all months of the year, but especially during the fall.  We’ve been out and about in the Lake George area in the past couple of weeks.  This past weekend we were in the Southern Adirondacks.  I was lucky enough to be able to hike Chimney Mountain, which I’ve done many times when I was a kid.  That was super interesting as things are always different as an adult and this was still challenging, just as I had remembered it!


Look Ma, A Chimney!

On Sunday we ventured out to cross another fire tower hike off our list.  I knew the forecast was for cold weather and the chance of flurries, but I can safely say that I wasn’t really prepared for actual snow.  Welcome to the Adirondacks in October…. We got snow!


Stairs of death … covered in snow

Needless to say, I didn’t climb the tower.  Thanks to the snow storm, etc there was no view to be had.  So, between that and the slippery steps, I opted to stay out of the tower on Sunday and instead just take pictures from the ground.


Wakely Mountain Fire Tower

The fire towers are beautiful though and it was really great to be outside despite the wet conditions, the snow squall and the mud.  I always enjoy a good hike with good company.


So, I’m happy to be in the off-season and adventuring into various forms of cross-training. How about you?

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