{Two Things Tuesday} Juggling the Planning And The Off Season

1)  Now that the 2015 news is officially official, I am realizing that I need to start planning what exactly 2015 will entail for me as far as races go.  So, I’ve started making lists of races and I’m trying to keep it all straight in my head as I work to figure out exactly which ones I will register for.  This is challenging because I’m juggling two race schedules as Lord Business (Ben) and I typically race together, but for 2015 his father’s day gift is the ability for him to race Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 even though it’s on Father’s Day.  I’ll be there as spectator extraordinare and sherpa along with his daughter.  So this means a little futzing around as I work to figure out what I’ll be doing during the month of June in lieu of that race.  One of the races that I’m considering opens on 10/1 for 24 hours so I need to get my act together because I’m going to have to make a decision and soon….


Family Fun!

2) And while I plan for the 2015 season, I am enjoying being in the midst of the off-season for the fall.  While I’m still running and doing a little biking, I’m not following a training plan per say.  I am able to sleep in sometimes and shockingly enough, we are actually getting a few home improvement projects done while having fun.  Sunday was filled with a morning long run, a trip to the batting cages, several trips to the home improvement store and some backyard fence repair.  All in all it was a well-rounded and productive day.  And I got to swing a bat which I don’t think I’ve done since I got out of high school.  Focusing on slowing down is really reaping some rewards for my sense of self.

So, your turn! Are you already all scheduled out for 2015?  What factors do you weigh when planning your season?  And do you make an effort to back off the training and racing in the off-season?  How do you maintain your balance?

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2 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} Juggling the Planning And The Off Season

  1. jessie says:

    You guys are awesome. It’s great how you can manage to juggle so much and get so much training in. After my recent dismal 70.3 I decided I’m taking next year off from distance, at least that’s the idea for now (other than the marathon already scheduled in January and the half in May, that is). I had planned on signing up for the Patriot 1/2IM but one of the first things I said to H when I crossed the finish line last week was that there was no way I was signing up for that, not now anyway. Perhaps another late season half will be in my views, but I don’t think so. I am aiming low, with some sprints, maybe work on some speed. For now my focus is running and hoping to find some enjoyment in it again since I flopped so miserably during the OBX half.

  2. omnirunner says:

    I’m still training for my fall marathon!
    My plan in to run 50 5Ks before I turn 51 on 9/4/15. I’ve run one and have another this weekend. So 48 more 5Ks is my plan!
    On Twitter I’m using the hash tag #505Ksat50. They didn’t seem to like #505Ks@50. What do I know about Twitter?
    I do love to plan out my races though. Have fun and run well!

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