2015 & The Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team

Let me tell you a little story….

A few months ago Meredith, aka Swim Bike Mom, put out a request for applications to start a team of Swim Bike Mom Ambassadors.  I immediately thought I’d apply.  Then I changed my mind.  I didn’t full on actually change my mind, I just figured that she would have a ton of applicants and that there was no way I would be chosen so I wasn’t sure whether to apply or not.  As the deadline got closer I mentioned it to Lord Business (this is now my official new nickname for my bf, Ben, because it’s my favorite).  He is always my biggest cheerleader and assured me that I have a good story to tell and I am a great Swim Bike Mom, so I should definitely apply.    I should also add that this was post Ironman finish and I was definitely feeling a little lost … as in like, what the heck am I going to do next season to beat finishing an Ironman.  So the prospect of being on the Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team gave me a little glimmer that 2015 could be wickedly awesome too.  With my heart full of hope, I filled out the application and pressed the send button!

IMG_3359And with that, it was out of transition! Ha!

So then time goes by and you sort of forget about things and on Monday night I received a Facebook message from Swim Bike Mom herself telling me that I was in if I still wanted to be on the team.  It took me all of about two seconds to respond.  Heck yeah I want to be on the team.  And there you have it.  2015 will bring with it all sorts of fun and inspiration as I am officially a member of the Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team.  I encourage you to click the link to see who else is on the team.  Bios and lots of really great information about these ladies will be forth coming.  In the mean time I should LOUDLY state that I am so honored to be amongst these women.  We have all shared our stories internally at this point and let me tell you… I am moved.  Some of these women are hysterically funny, some are social media mavens and others have heartbreaking and courageous stories to share.  All in all they’re a great bunch of ladies and I couldn’t be luckier to have been chosen.  There were over 250 applicants and I can’t imagine how difficult it was to choose.  Regardless of choices we are all a part of the Swim Bike Mom Army and we are in this together.  So! With all of that said, here’s to a great season in 2015.

#sbmat2015 #swimbikemom #justkeepmovingforward


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4 Responses to 2015 & The Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team

  1. So excited to be on the 2015 SBMAT with you! It’s going to be an amazing year!

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