{Window Wednesday} A Year Ago

It has been almost a year since I didn’t complete my journey to the finish of Ironman Lake Tahoe.  I keep getting reminders from my nifty Time Hop app and various other places.  Luckily, I can look back on that experience and quantify things that I did wrong or things that I had no control over.  It was what it was and I’ve managed to leave it in the past.  However, as I wished a friend off this morning who is heading out to do the 70.3 in Tahoe this weekend, I was bit nostalgic as it remains an incredibly beautiful place and one of the best experiences I’ve had.


It was breathtaking.  In more ways than one!

I wouldn’t take that week back for anything because I learned so much and I had a fantastic vacation with two of my very best people.   So how about you?  Have you had an experience that regardless of the pain you wouldn’t take it back?  (And PS… Good luck out there Laurie!)

new goals

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