{Two Things Tuesday} Being Normal & 2015 Planning…


I bet you forgot that I was here.  I’m not going to lie, I sort of did too!  I won’t go into a long explanation, but I think after finishing Ironman Lake Placid, I felt that I didn’t have much to say as I’d met my goal and I also just needed a break from doing much of anything.  Thus my extended hiatus from blogging.

Anyway, what better way to say hello than with a Two Things Tuesday post!

1) So yep, I’ve been on a hiatus.  I didn’t go anywhere cool or do anything really spectacular.  Instead, I spent time with my family and friends.  Oh and I tended to all of the housework that had been neglected while training.  It’s amazing how much working towards finishing an Ironman can take out of you both mentally and physically.  I knew, especially during peak training, that I missed being a “normal” person, but other than that I hadn’t paid it much mind.  At that time I dreamt of being “normal” which meant getting up, eating breakfast, hanging out and not having a training agenda that needed to be completed first thing in the morning in order to salvage as much of the day with family as possible.  Doing what I kept telling my training partners was “regular people” stuff.  I’m happy to report that since crossing that beautiful, beautiful finish line in the olympic oval, I have been able to be a regular person.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still been training, but the schedule has been much more lax and I’ve been able to work it in where I want to and skip it if I’m just not feeling it.  It has been refreshing, relaxing and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to take my foot off the gas a little.


Being lead support crew & Mama!

2) With all of that said, I am now turning my eyes over to 2015.  While I have no Ironman to speak of I have a lot of goals that I’d like to conquer.  There will certainly be work involved in getting there, but if 2014 has shown me nothing else it has certainly shown me that if you set a goal and you put the work in, real, honest, this sucks kind of work, that you can achieve that goal.  I mean geez um, I managed to go and do a fun olympic distance race (which I forgot to tell you about here as I was on hiatus) post Ironman and put up a 30 minute race distance PR.  All while taking it relatively easy and having fun…. Work pays off! So, as I look to 2015 I plan to put the work in and see just what it is that I can do.

IMG_6156This was my set up for the post IM olympic distance.  Truthfully, I forgot how to manage a regular transition where you actually have to set up and not just put your stuff in bags.  Stay tuned for an interesting season! Ha! No, seriously, stayed tuned, it should be good stuff!!!

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