{Kids Tri} Fronhofer

My other favorite thing in the last few weeks besides Lake Placid Ironman was watching the kiddos do their triathlon.  Each year the Fronhofer Tool Triathlon hosts a mini triathlon for kids.  They run a race for kids age 5-10 and for kids ages 11-15.  It’s held at a beautiful park and the kids always have a great time.  This year was no different.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the event.


Setting up transition!


Good thing everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.. #familyphotofail


Kids Queuing


Out of the swim


Both kiddos getting ready to bike


And we are #Finishers

Both kids did great.  Neither one of them placed but as I explained many times, that’s not at all why we race.  Little Boy Blue actually took a little tumble on his bike.  It took him quite a bit to get back to us so I knew something was up.  I was so proud of him for getting back on his bike and continuing on.

On our way home from the race, he was sleepy and this conversation took place:

Me: I love you bug and I’m so proud of your race tonight.
C: thanks for saying that mama.
Me: saying what?
C: well for saying that I did good. I crashed, that’s not real good.
Me: oh buddy… We all crash sometimes, it’s the attitude we have when it happens that matters. You picked yourself up and kept going when you didn’t have to. Lots of people would have quit. That’s the really good thing you did.
C: oh, well, I love you too mama.

It’s not who wins the race, but rather the attitude we teach our kids to go out in the world with. I am so very proud of both of these kids and their no quit attitude that they show us every day! 

Kids events are the best!

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