{Two Things Tuesday} It’s Done


1) I will have a full race report to come, but as I unpack from a week in Lake Placid, I can report that I did it. I finished Ironman Lake Placid. We experienced amazingly ridiculous weather but we persevered and stayed the course. I finished with a smile on my face and I was even found singing along the run course. So needless to say, I maintained my goal of keeping my head in a good place and I helped out a friend along the way. IMLP 2014 is in the books.


2) And the best part is that all of my friends finished too! There is nothing like doing and Ironman, but now imagine doing it with about 30 people that you know. It makes for a day filled with hugs, high fives and more all along the race course. Add to that all of the support from additional friends and family along he course. I had friends from the body marking station to transition tents to bike special needs and more. Hands down the best. If you can ever race that which is essentially a home town race, do it!

And with that, it’s back to unpacking! Happy Tuesday!

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1 Response to {Two Things Tuesday} It’s Done

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read about your day! I also did IMLP! What a crazy day!

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