{IM} Wednesday Inspiration

Some people ask why…..

While watching this causes both tears of excitement, it also elicits tears of fear and worry about what IM will bring.  I can promise you that I plan to give it my all and I plan to have a date with that finish line.

And if you ask me why right now, I’ll tell you… because “I can.”


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One Response to {IM} Wednesday Inspiration

  1. amy h says:

    my husband has done three, I cry every time I watch everyone finish…the dedication & time you all put into training and to hear your name being called, so inspiring, and motivating. There are times I think maybe I too could finish one, but I’m not there, YET…but maybe someday! For now, I will continue to be the best IronSherpa, Cowbell ringing, cheerleader, I can be 🙂 As we say in our family “GO GO GO”!!!

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