Life in the {Fast} Lane

37 days 



The countdown is well under way and it looks like I am down to 37 days until Ironman Lake Placid.

So, I am in the throes of peak training.  For those who don’t know, peak training is the last big build before taper begins.  These weeks consist of many long hours of training, lots of time spent with your bike, in the water and on your feet.  It’s heavy, tiring and at the end of each day I just want to go to bed.  However, going to sleep isn’t that rewarding when you know that you just have to get up tomorrow and do it all over again…

Add to that lots of family obligation and commitments that come along with the end of the school year.  I have a full docket of “things” to attend.

I am exhausted.  I long for “regular” life.  I can’t even remember what it’s like to have a weekend day that doesn’t involve having something to do All. Day. Long.


All of this is leaving me feeling a little like…. well… you get the picture!

Your brain starts rationalizing in way that is totally unrelatable for the average person.

Just last night I had the following text conversation with one of my dearest friends –

Her – “Are you training for a long race in the fall?”

Me – “No triathlon that’s for snizzle. I’m thinking about a fall marathon, but nothing “big” is happening.”

After I typed that, I questioned what in the world is wrong with me.  She must think I’m nuts.  Somehow I have rationalized that training for a marathon is like running a 5k.  I suppose after 6 months of Ironman training it may be.  I can’t think straight enough to be sure either way.

This is the same rationale that makes you think that getting in a 3.5 hour bike ride and a 4 mile run before attending a birthday party at 10:30 AM is completely doable.  Well, it is and I’ll be trying that theory out this Saturday morning.  I know… Crazy.

However there’s a flip side to all of this madness.  Despite all of the juggling, the lack of sleep and the piles of water bottles that are stacking up at my house, something just might be happening.  I know for sure that I am feeling strong.  I am running and biking paces that I haven’t seen before or at least I haven’t seen them for these longer distances.  I am building mental stamina in that spending 5.5 hours on my bike on a Saturday doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  Or at least not when you’re doing it with one of your best pals.


Taking a quick break in Lake George to pick a direction during our 90 miler last Saturday.

In my head I know that I have two BIG weekends of training left.  And then the taper begins.  I’m super looking forward to the down slide of training into Ironman.  But then I also start to get nervous because that means that it’s go time and I have to trust in the training.  Ey!

Either way, I’m hanging here in the fast lane for the next 37 days.  How about you?


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2 Responses to Life in the {Fast} Lane

  1. Exactly know where you’re currently at! Peak training is unlike anything else and the way you start thinking is all but logical 🙂
    I’m currently at the end of taper week 1 so nerves are kicking in!
    Hang in there, the fast lane will get you there^^

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