{Two Things Tuesday}

1) I had a super successful long ride and brick run on Sunday.  I only say this because oftentimes my fueling doesn’t work for me and by mid-ride I’m feeling lethargic, with heavy legs and limited energy to keep me going.  This Sunday I completely switched my fueling plan (more on that later this week) and I was shocked at mile 60 when I was still riding strong.  I was even more shocked when I dismounted, threw on my running sneakers and managed to hammer out two relatively quick miles up and down the road.  Huh.  My brain just kept saying huh.  I felt so good and while I know that I can attribute some of this to all of the hours of training, I’ve been putting in, I also have to attribute some of it to fueling properly.  All in all the new plan seemed to hit the nail on the head for me so I’m hopeful that it will continue to work going forward.  I promise to talk more about fuel later this week!




2) Lake Placid – Ah, the weather is finally better and I am counting down the days until my first trip this triathlon season to Lake Placid.  We are heading up this Friday right after work to revisit the place where my love of Ironman first began.  We have a huge weekend of training lined up with a cold water swim (last I heard it was 57 degrees farenheit), a two loop ride (between 90-112 miles depending upon whether or not I cut any sections), a five-mile transition run and closing out the weekend will be a 10 mile run.  Can you say suffer fest?  And just think, some how I am looking forward to this.  Boom!


My living room will surely look like this soon as the packing begins!

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1 Response to {Two Things Tuesday}

  1. I hope you have a great weekend of training! We are heading up there on the 6th and including the half marathon into the weekend training camp! I hope the water is warm enough for a decent swim…I can’t wait to read your post LP blog!

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