{Two Things Tuesday} Arizona Edition

1) We are on spring break with the kiddos in Arizona. This is my first trip here and thus far it does not disappoint. We flew in to Phoenix on Saturday night after a very long day of travel. Sunday included a fun little run around the community we are staying in. It was a nice way for me to become acquainted with some of the mid altitude desert scenery. Over the past few years I’ve migrated away from running first thing in the am, but it really is still the best. We were out while everyone was sleeping, saw the sun rise over the mountains and were further awoken by some of the wildlife (coyotes) we saw on the run. It was a great way to start the day. The rest of the day was spent exploring The Desert Museum with the kids. It was fantastic, beautiful and so well put together. We have a few more days left and I already I can say that I do not want to leave!


Explorers, playing the part!

2) Yesterday I started the day with a swim that had been on my schedule from the weekend. For the first time, I was in a location with an outdoor lap pool. So while 3,000 yrds is boring and the wind was whipping like crazy, I was in a beautiful heated pool, surrounded by mountains and sunshine. I call it a win.


Again, I don’t want to leave this….

How’s your Tuesday?

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