{Catching} Up – Thursday

Ok, so I have been uber busy as of late. So I have been relatively absent on the blog. I have been adjusting to being back in the swing of Ironman training. I am covering for the huge staffing shortage that we currently have at my place of employment. And I was at a conference for a few days.

Anyway…. I am back! And I am taking steps to make sure that I don’t disappear for so long in the future. As a quick way to sort of catch up, I am subbing in a three things Thursday to make up for it!

1) This weekend I am running my first lottery race this weekend. For several years I have eyed the DC Cherry Blossom 10 mile run. This year, I actually looked up how to enter and when I saw that it was a lottery I marked my calendar. I entered my name along with my loyal boyfriend…. he loves running races (not) and an old friend that has recently entered the world of endurance sports. We waited and then low and behold we got the email that let us know that we got in!

Anyway, fast forward and the race is coming up this Sunday am. Unfortunately, with Ironman training, this presents some challenges as we need to drive to DC and still try and get all of our training in. As a little spoiler alert, we have 16 hours of training so this presents a pretty serious challenge. There has been a lot of juggling of the schedule in order to try and make this work. All in all, I think we are going to make it work.


I am really looking forward to this race. I have to determine my race outfit. I’m still contemplating getting my hands on a tutu …. SELF magazine can bare the brunt of that one. I’ve tutu’ed in DC before, so it would not be the first time. So boys, lets go to DC and do a little run!

2) I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think that spring may have actually arrived in Upstate New York. Yesterday I ran in shorts…. and I think that the sun was even shining. It was glorious. As of right now I am planning to ride my bike outside tonight. I can’t handle the thought of riding for two hours on the trainer tonight. I am hoping that being outside will be everything I remember it being. Because goodness knows, it has been a long time waiting for it to get here. So I’m hoping that spring sticks around for a while.



3) And speaking of spring and riding bikes outside. Raven got a new pair of shoes yesterday. They don’t have tubes or tires yet, but aren’t they pretty? And is it bad when you want your bike to look pretty?



So! That brings us to you! What are your plans for this beautiful spring Thursday? Any races on your schedule for the weekend?


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1 Response to {Catching} Up – Thursday

  1. I’ve always wanted to do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, have fun!! I got out and enjoyed the nice spring weather today during lunch for a little run. It was great. I need to take advantage of that time more often.

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