{Two Things Tuesday} Food & Weather

1) I have newly become obsessed with avocados. I mean, I’ve been in love with guacamole for some time, but just recently I’ve started to find more things that I can put avocados on and in because I just love them. And in this whole clean eating thing they make a lot of sense for me. Healthy fat yada yada, filling and etc.

Anyway, Sunday nights dinner included an avocado cauliflower smash side dish. Holy cow. I absolutely loved this. I’m not sure that the bf did, but avocados are growing on him and it seems to be a process so maybe he will get there. But I LOVED it. I actually cannot wait to make it again. So do yourselves a favor and check it out!

Photo: Dinner with my best guy! Thai peanut wings, avocado cauliflower smash and salad. So yummy!

2) I am done-zo with winter. I know. Me and everyone else in the Northeast right? This winter has been one that seems outrageously long and crazily cold. I am dying to get my bike outside on the road. And I had really been looking to running on Sunday with a couple of friends in the sunshine. Well, we had some sunshine, but although there were temperatures of 32 with the windchill it was 14. And ya know, there was the running into the wind. We also were lucky enough to be able to try and traverse some large ice patches here and there just to keep things interesting. And of course, that is always super fun while running with a dog that you have tethered to your waist. SUPER FUN! We survived the run, but I am going on record that I.Am.Done.

Scram Sam, I am done with this weather no matter how much the pups like it!


What’s your favorite healthy new food? Do you go crazy when you find a new food you love? And tell me… how’s the weather treating you, where ever you live?

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