Week {3 & 4} IMLP

In the crazy shuffle of life, I never updated what I had accomplished in eek 3 of IMLP training, so I’ll include that this week along with week 4.

Week 3 – 

This week was in the thick of my sickness so scheduled workouts did not happen as planned.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 90 min bike am, 45 min strength pm

Wednesday – 6.25 mile tempo run after work, 2650 yrd swim planned and aborted due to coughing.  Turns out it’s not easy to swim and cough.

Thursday – 90 min bike am, 45 min strength pm

Friday – 150 min bike.  I moved my plan around to do this and impact my kiddo less.  We watched some Pirates of the Caribbean together while I rode the miles.

Saturday – 2650 yrd swim am, 6 mile hill run aborted again due to feeling lousy.

Sunday – 3000 yrd swim aborted, 10 mile run completed.

Totals for week 3… the week of the sick:

Swimming – 2650 yrds

Biking – 90.5 miles

Running – 16.25 miles

Total Time: 10:37


Week 4 – 

This was a better week and I was finally feeling better.  Just so happens that it was also a recovery week.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 60 min bike am

Wednesday – 4.5 mile recovery run, 60 min bike … I moved the bike here to better fit my schedule.

Thursday – Rest Day  …. I barely know what to do when there are TWO rest days in one week.

Friday – 4.5 mile recovery run, aborted swim

Saturday – 90 min bike, 2400 yrd mixed swim

Sunday – 6.2 mile run, 1 hour Iron Barre class for strength training

Totals for week 4… my first “recovery” week:

Swimming – 24000 yrds

Biking – 55 miles

Running – 14.5 miles

Total Time: 7:45

Between being sick and then having a recovery week, I was feeling a little behind the game.  After receiving my plan for this coming week, I know that I need today’s rest day.  Looks like my coach has plans to go big or go home for week 5.  So, I say bring it.  I’m all rested up! 

Time to put the work in!


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