{Two Things Tuesday} This and That…

1) I had the pleasure of having lunch with a dear friend of mine and her long time lover man on Sunday after completing a half-marathon that I probably should have skipped thanks to the worlds most annoying and long-lasting head cold/cough.  While doing introductions between them and my friends who had just completed the race with me, I realized that all of us “racers” are beginning training for Ironman Lake Placid, while said long time friends are not involved in the endurance athlete world.



Well, what a juxtaposition that is and boy does it make for some interesting lunch time conversation.  I swear that some times normal people, those not involved in endurance sports, look at the craze triathlete types like us and think we are aliens.  It’s true… in some capacity we are.  Please keep in mind that we had just come from finishing a cold and hilly half marathon.

So my favorite quote of the day was something like … “So you just go out and run 13.1 miles.  Geez. I drive 13.1 mile and I need a rest.  Running it, that’s just nuts.”

I shake my head, nod and just imagine what you think when we talk about Ironman training.  I must admit, we are aliens.  And even while participating in these conversations, I can agree that I wonder what is wrong with us that we do this for “fun.”

*As an aside, they total deserve a huge thank you for enduring hearing about the race, training, etc, when it’s something they probably have almost ZERO interest in! So thank you for being good sports.  Love you!

2) But! While I think that endurance athletes are a little nuts, I still think that we’re pretty amazing.  I saw this video earlier today.  It’s short and sweet.  Click it, you’ll like it.  We triathletes…. we’re a little bit bad ass…

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2 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} This and That…

  1. Ben Syden says:

    at 0.22 bill nealon and kevin crossman cross the line

  2. I had a “runners must be crazy” conversation last night. I was doing my Tuesday night club run and running with one of my regular partners. It was cool but not uncomfortable last night.
    All the cars going by must have thought we were crazy to be running down the side of the road, at night when it was only 35F out. I mean, who would do that?
    And don’t you love questions like, how far is a marathon anyway?

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