Week {2} IMLP

Week two was not as successful as week one thanks to a fantastical head cold that came and blew up my week. But overall, I managed to hit most of my work outs. I’m currently enjoying my Monday rest day…. How was your week?

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 1:30 spin, 45 min strength… didn’t get the strength training in. My goal this week is not to miss it!

Wednesday – 2650 yrd swim, 1:15 spin at Contemporary Athlete

Thursday – 45 min strength (skipped to take the doggy to pup training class) and 5.5 mile tempo run

Friday – This was the day that the horrible head cold showed up. I stayed in bed all day waking only to take more nyquil. I was supposed to swim & run. No deal.

Saturday – I was still under the weather, but decided to give the long bike a go. Managed to knock off the entire 2:30 bike. Not my best effort, but I got it done.

Sunday – This may have been a bad decision, but I got up early (with the time change) and hopped in the car with friends to head to a half marathon 2 hours away. It was a suffer fest for me, filled with hills and hacking up a lung. I truly haven’t walked that much in a race in ages. But I did manage to finish despite the coughing, the windy weather and all. I did however, decide to scratch the 3000 yrds that I was supposed to swim. No way.

Totals for the week:

Swimming – 2650 yrds … this is what happens when you scratch two swims.
Biking – 5 hours and 15 minutes
Running – 18.6 miles

Total Time = 9 and a half hours

I’ll take it given the head cold. Hopefully that situation will clear up and I will be back at it this week.


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