Week {1} IMLP


Week one is officially in the books and I plan to enjoy every second of my rest day today. And this season, in order to hold myself a little more accountable, and to give folks a glimpse inside of Ironman training, I am going to recap the workouts weekly. Hopefully, this will keep me motivated to get all or most of the workouts in! So, here we go… Week 1

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 90 min interval bike AM, 5 mile tempo run PM

Wednesday – 2650 yrd swim,

Thursday – 90 min steady endurance ride PM, 45 min strength

Friday – 6 mile hill run, 2650 swim (had to cut to 2250 to have a dinner date at Hibachi with my best little boy.

Saturday – 2 hour tempo interval bike ride

Sunday – 3000 yrd endurance swim AM , 10 mile run PM

I had plenty of life juggling to do in order to fit this all in. Fortunately, we can bike and watch kids movies if necessary. Thursday night while doing my endurance ride I was lucky enough to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. Nothing like making a semi boring trainer ride even more spectacular. But! The kiddo was happy and we spent the time together, so I’ll take it. I also found myself at the pool at a ridiculously early hour on Sunday morning so as not to impact the time with said kiddo either. I don’t enjoy going to the pool early any day, so imagine my glee at doing so on a Sunday, but I did it and grocery shopped before any tiny eyes were even open for the day!

All in all it was a solid week of training and a good way to kick off the season. I closed the week with:

5 Hours of Biking (81 miles)
3 Hours of Swimming (7900 yrds)
3.5 hours of Swimming (29 miles)
45 min strength

For a total time of 12 hours and 9 minutes.

Happy Rest Monday!

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