Letting the “Stuff” {Go}

While skiing, skating and hiking around in the cold in Lake Placid last weekend, I had some to time reflect internally on some of the intricacies of life and what they mean to me.  As we were doing all of these crazy things, I thought about the fact that we have five loads of laundry at home that need to be washed.  I thought about the fact that our new pup really needs to be enrolled in a training class.  I thought about the meal planning that doesn’t get done.  And I thought about the home improvements that need to be addressed.


Always with the dishes…

I mean seriously friends, the list goes on but these are just a few of the examples of things that I thought about.  I stressed about that “stuff” as I thought about the upcoming months of Ironman training that are looming ahead of me.  Also as I thought about trips that we have planned and other things that are on my schedule.  How in the world am I going to manage to get it all done.  I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but let me lay it out straight.  At our house we have:

  • Two kiddos with plenty to do on their schedules.
  • Two dogs who need daily care and attention.
  • And two triathletes who are both training for Ironman Lake Placid this summer… maybe not our best plan of attack.


Always running to keep up!

So, while I sound like I’m stressing out about little things, training and balancing the rest of your life is a very tricky balance.  Just consider that we haven’t started yet and I’m logging at least 10 hours of physical activity per week.

Long story a bit shorter, all of these things and to-do lists keep building up in my brain.

And then on Sunday, as I was hiking up a mountain that was covered in snow, with the sunshine on my shoulders, with my boyfriend, one of my best friends and my two dogs, I threw all of that stuff out of my head.  The view was so amazing.  The conditions of the day were so absolutely perfect.  I wondered if that moment and that feeling could be bottled.  If I could just freeze time and enjoy this moment for a while.  As I was soaking in the beauty of the outdoors and the calmness of the moment, I was able to disconnect for a bit and I started to think a little bigger.


In the grand scheme of things,  does the laundry, the to-do lists, the meal plans and all of that other stuff really even matter?  Yes, I admit that it does all need to get done, I’m not saying that it doesn’t.  But I’m just realizing that life, in particular my life needs to be about more.

And as I thought about this, I realized that it actually is.  For the most part I, and we as a family, are living in the moments.  Yes, we’re too busy and it continually feels like nothing gets done.  But, when I look back I can count the moments and the experiences rather than the piles of laundry that made a difference in my life.  I remember the feelings and the moments that I’ve shared with my friends and family more than I’ll ever remember how I wished that I had gotten to the grocery store sooner.



Being crazy mice with your girls friends = worth it!

Some of those moment come through triathlon and many of them do not.  I remember the first time I hiked a mountain with Little Boy Blue.  I have vivid memories of that super hot vacation we took to the beach where we scorched to death in the camper, but in the end had a blast.  I remember the race we went to and skipped because the weather was too bad for the kids to be outside.  All of these moments… I remember the laughs and the sights and sounds.  These things mean so much more to me than all of the other stuff.



Fun with friends = worth it!

So I’m vowing as I enter this training cycle to find a way to get the “stuff” done, but to not let it drag me down.  The time that we are here and actually living this life is so much more important that getting bogged down in the “stuff.”  Because if you don’t actually live your life, then what’s it all for?

Living this life? Totally Worth It!


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