{Two Things Tuesday} A Yogi & Embracing Winter… Again

1 – Official Ironman Lake Placid training starts in a little less than two weeks.  In the mean time I’m already working it big time averaging about ten hours of activity per week as per my coach.  Yesterday I also made a little commitment to myself to get the strength training in each week … even if it kills me.  And last night I reconnected myself to my lost love of yoga.  I stink at yoga, but I really enjoy doing it and recognize that the more I do it the better I get.  So last night I went to a hot yoga class.  The class was at 8:15 PM, so at first I hesitated a little and had some difficulty forcing myself back out the door into the cold when I was already home and could have stayed there all warm and cozy.  But I can safely say that while the class was challenging, I left there feeling refreshed and relaxed in a way that I probably couldn’t have accomplished by sitting on my couch.  Because of this I also made a commitment to myself yesterday to try to squeeze in some yoga each week even when training gets nuts. I don’t mind if I have to do the yoga at home, although I certainly prefer a class.  I just think that I will benefit from it mentally with all of the hustle and bustle.


As an aside, I think that kids were a little jealous that I was heading out to a grown up yoga class.  So, I threw together an impromptu kids yoga session for them.  They totally rocked it and wanted to keep going!

2 – For those of you who live in the Northeast like me, you know that we are still in the grips of an icy, snowy, cold winter.  I am really trying to retain my upbeat attitude and enjoy winter to the best of my ability.  I will admit that I’m a little tired of being cold, but again, making the best of it over here.  Last weekend we headed to Lake Placid to play because as I’ve already stated, I feel like if you can’t beat the snow you might as well go out and play in it.  So anyway, we stopped off in Saranac Lake for a bit to check out the infamous Ice Castle and Winter Carnival.  Then we headed to Dewey Mountain Recreation Center for some Cross Country Skiing.  It was cold, cold, cold on Saturday, but once we were skiing it wasn’t too bad.  Amazingly because there was a parade happening in Saranac, we were the only ones at Dewey so we had all of the trails for just three of us.  It was beautiful.  After a quick stop for some refueling we headed to Mirror Lake to ice skate.  They had plowed a path around the outer edge of the lake so we skated and fell and it was beautiful.  To wrap up the weekend we all packed up our snowshoes, the dogs and a bunch of winter “stuff” and headed out for a hike.  The sun was shining on Sunday morning so this hike was absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but fortunately, Laurie is always there with hers so I’ll share pictures when I have them.  (Thanks Laur!)  All in all it was a beautiful winter weekend.  And I came back feeling thoroughly sore but mentally rejuvenated.  So, I’m embracing winter just a little bit longer.  And I may do so again this weekend… You gotta do what you gotta do!


Doing our best to have fun in the snow!


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