A Long{er}, Cold Run

The weather here has been what one would call “cold” at best. I have been frequenting the gym for all of my workouts minus the trainer rides at home with my girl Raven, my bike. As many runners will agree, running on the treadmill is boring. I have managed to find a few speed workouts and things of the sort to pass the time. However, it’s still generally boring.



We’re becoming fast friends…

So, yesterday, I had a 9 mile run on my schedule. All week I had been pumping myself up for doing it indoors. I had thought of ways to pass the time, whether it be by running some miles on the treadmill and some on the indoor track, regardless I would get it done. I even said at one point that I would run 9 miles on Sunday even if it killed me.


This is the view… running in place.

Anyway, yesterday morning we were en route to a special birthday breakfast, there are many January birthdays in my house, and the sun was shining. I immediately started day dreaming about running outside. Unfortunately, due to some scheduling issues, I knew I wouldn’t be able to start my run until close to 2:30. I crossed my fingers that the sun would stay out and switched plans deciding to take my run outdoors. Worse case scenario would involve bagging it and heading indoors after all.


The scene of a different winter run.

Of course, the sun didn’t stay out because apparently it has something against me. I swear, this happens every time. We decided to brave the chilly temps and go outdoors anyway. I searched the house for my lined tights, put on something like three shirts a face mask, a hat and gloves. It was a bit chilly at first as I adjusted to the slight wind that was blowing. For most of the first five miles, I didn’t need to use my face mask but rather kept it down as a neck warmer type contraption. At mile five, I dropped off my first two running partners and decided to bring out old faithful, Georgia, for a couple of miles. I always put Mushers Secret on the dogs feet especially when they’ve just treated the roads with salt. We did a couple of loops and once I dropped her off at home I had another 1.8 miles or so to go. I headed out planning to do a couple of easy loops and finish up the run.

However, as I came to an intersection that would take me back home, I made a quick decision to just keep running. Who knows why. I was feeling pretty good, despite being cold, and probably feel a little too bad a$& so I let the endorphins take control and aimed to add-on another mile. I haven’t done a double-digit run in a couple of months. Once I was too far into my decision to turn back I can say that I re thought it a bit. It was getting a little duskier than I had though and cars seemed to be having trouble seeing me. Not to mention that I was really starting to get a little cold.

At the end of the day, I finished a 10 mile run in temps that were, with the real feel, colder than that.  Overall, I didn’t mind being out there.  Of course a little sunshine would have made it better, but at least I wasn’t running in place at the gym.  It felt good to stretch my legs even if the roads were a little slick in places.  And I managed to run with three of my favorite running partners at different times throughout the run.  I finished feeling accomplished and like hopefully I’m ready to tackle this seasons training and all that it entails.

So tell me, what do you do in bad weather?  Do you head indoors or are you willing to brave the cold?

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