2014 Race Schedule – The {First} Half

As mentioned yesterday, I need to better organize myself and lay out what the race calendar is shaping up to look like for 2014.  My realization of this came in the form of an email from my coach requesting this information.  So, I’m sitting down (right now) and organizing my thoughts and my plans for the first half of 2014.  At this point, I’m only comfortable making commitments to the first half of my year.  I have good reason.  Having not completed an Ironman before, I have no idea what kind of shape I will be in post Ironman Lake Placid.  I’m not only referring to how my body will feel physically and the amount of recovery I will need, but I’m also referring to how my psyche will feel mentally and how much time off I will need.  So for now, let’s just talk now through the end of July.


Here’s what I’ve got thus far:

2/16/14 HMRRC Winter Marathon Three Person Relay This race is part of the yearly winter series of runs that are put on by the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club.  Basically a reason to keep running throughout the winter.  I’m unsure as to which leg I’ll be running this year, but regardless, I’ll be there.

3/9/14 Celebrate Life Half Marathon A chance to get in a hilly half marathon as part of my bigger overall training plans.

4/6/14 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but always miss the lottery.  This year I did miss it and I got it! It may have messed up some other racing plans, but it will be totally worth it! I’m sure of it.

Then life’s gonna get über serious friends.  And by that I mean, I’ll be training so much for IMLP that there will be limited to no racing.  Must keep eye on the prize…

6/1/14 Black Bear Triathlon Half Iron – A difficult half ironman (some how I always pick the hard ones) to tune up and check in with where I am in my Ironman training.  Should be a good kick in the pants.

7/27/14 Ironman Lake Placid – The big daddy.  In my favorite town.  And hopefully with lots and lots of friends and family watching.  I. CAN’T. WAIT.  No seriously, I can’t.  I’m racing with so many great friends that I’m excited for the camaraderie out on the course.  And some of my family will be there to play sherpa and support.  I am telling you friends… this is how I was meant to cross my first Ironman finish line.

So thus far, that’s what it looks like.  I just have to keep reminding myself to keep my eyes on the prize and my fingers off the registration button.  There are a lot of miles to be covered in training and I don’t want to short change myself by running lots of little races and missing the quality training.  Fingers crossed that it all goes as planned!

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2 Responses to 2014 Race Schedule – The {First} Half

  1. BakeNBurn says:

    Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is a great race! I’m a DC local and I love it. I would of run it but I’m in a wedding that weekend… Good luck on your schedule it looks like a blast!

  2. It’s best not to register for races to far out into the future. I’m registered for a bunch of races through April, and now I’m nursing a bum knee. You never know what may happen.

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